Your goal is our thing.
At Kero, we take you from skill-less to damn-son in one month. Our intensives treat you like you are the star of a film that requires you to be the best surfer, scuba diver, or climber you can be. Whatever your dream sport, with us, you'll conquer it.

We work on a personal basis.
So tell us what you want to learn, we'll reach out, and develop a plan.

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Fit to you

You tell us about the sport you want to learn (you just scrolled past the form). We will reach out to learn more about your goals, budget, and time constraints.

Coached by la creme de la creme

We find the best teacher, space, and equipment to ensure your success and come up with a plan that fits your schedule. It may be 5am, 5 days a week!

Skills for life

Congrats! You have unlocked an awesome new skill. Go enjoy it. We will be here to support you whenever you need.

Customers Say

I had a dream to do a surf trip with my kids along the West Coast with only one problem - I had no idea how to surf. Kero made my dream happen.
- Joe B.
Sailing has been on my bucket list for ten years. Kero let me finally cross it off.
- Leo M.

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